Kelly Thomas


A bit about me:
Originally I’m from Auckland I started working for Alpha in Auckland and moved to the Wellington Office to get a proper look at "Windy Wellys" in July 2019. My recruitment career started in Auckland in Freight & Logistics in 2014. I started by running a Blue Collar Temp Desk and was in charge of the end to end process for around 80-100 temps at a time while also running weekly Health and Safety inductions for 8-10 temps at a time. From there I moved into permanent corporate recruiting and then to Recruitment Manager where I ran a team of 5 full time recruitment consultants. In 2016 I moved into Banking, Accounting and Finance as I have experience working in those areas in other roles throughout my career.

When I’m not working:
I am making wine! My passion is wine making I have travelled all over the world making and tasting wine from a number of different regions and love to meet winemakers worldwide to hear and learn all different techniques and ideas about what to do next!