Lucinda van Aswegen

  • Senior IT Recruitment Consultant

My recruitment career has been the most amazing journey taking me across the world from South Africa all the way over to the beautiful New Zealand.

My background is in IT and technical recruitment, and I am passionate to work in this space. This life brings together two prominent things for me, people and tech. Even though I am not an IT professional, I like to understand how it works and makes the world a better place. Having conversations about systems and how they make people’s lives better over a cup of coffee in Wellington, life doesn’t get better than this.

Let’s meet up, talk about what is interesting in your world, you never know when you may need a talented IT professional with mad skills in solving problems or when your next opportunity might be just around the corner.

Over the weekends I enjoy hanging out with friends and family for a braai, get out for a ride on my bicycle and see the awesome country and maybe even bake something interesting (mostly chocolate cake) when time allows.