Phil Stout


I am a Chartered IT Professional, with a track record of successfully delivering large scale end user and infrastructure ICT migration projects for major organisations, as well as smaller more niche projects.

I bring a blend of large and small scale ICT migration experience and a hands on, can do attitude. I am passionate about making ICT programme and project delivery fit for the business it will serve, because technology change is just part of the challenge when delivering major upgrades and new ICT services. Increasingly end users are becoming weary of technology change and our industry must recognise this and adapt and make that change as seamless as possible for the user. Key questions at the start of any ICT programme must be how will this impact the end users, what will they gain from it and what will the business gain from it. Can you in fact do less, but achieve more? Getting the scope of a programme or major project correct is crucial – this may seem obvious, but I have seen large organisations tackle big projects without really understanding why they were doing it, or why they were doing it the way they had chosen to.

Often of course we are driven by technology obsolescence and making that change is unavoidable, but that does not mean there is just one way to achieve this; either technologically or in the way any particular technology is delivered – I believe in focusing on making that change as seamless as possible for end users while of course delivering to those traditional time and budget constraints.

In short, it is essential to bridge the gap between the technical needs of the ICT functions and the business needs of the end user community and this is a space I favour working ie, for both the delivery teams and for the business.

While very much ICT focused, my experience is quite diverse and I put great value on this – tackling different projects with different environments, cultures, characters and clients brings a large base of experience to draw on for future delivery. I have worked across many industries delivering migrations and change programmes and projects in Healthcare, Energy, ICT, Government, Justice, Engineering & Food Manufacturing. My approach is always to work with the culture of the business and people I am working with – it’s not “one size fits all”.

I have 30 years of project delivery experience; my initial grounding in project management was gained in the a rigorous safety critical engineering project management role; 20 years ago moving into Telecoms and ICT Projects. That early exposure to projects with high levels of negative consequence if things didn’t go to plan gave me a grounding and understanding of risk that is beyond traditional risk management. So analysing risk impact of decisions and change is simply part of my project management DNA – it is not simply a bolt on process to keep the PMO happy - I believe this approach really adds value to way I deliver programmes and projects.