Recruitment Services

Recruitment is one of the fundamental activities of the Divisions of Alpha.  Whether you are dealing with us under our Alpha Recruitment brand, or any of our other specialist recruitment brands, we have experienced consultants ready to assist you in finding the special person who is going to assist you take your organisation forward.

Our recruitment services cover a range of industry sectors in New Zealand with particular focus in the Auckland Region on Health, Telecommunications, IT Service Providers and Fast Moving Consumer Goods.Our Auckland Office is based in Newmarket and we find this very convenient for visiting Clients anywhere in the Auckland Region, and increasingly in the Waikato.

Our Wellington office has a strong presence in the Public Sector through Alpha's presence on the All of Government recruitment services panel, has great non-Government clients locally in Logistics, Sales and Marketing and IT Service Providers, and national clients in Engineering.


Our Services

We are one of New Zealand's most innovative recruitment company's and are continuously looking for opportunities to increase the benefits that we bring to our Clients.  Operating a multi-Division/multi-Brand strategy allows us to go to niche Candidate pools and be credible with the best people to be found there.  We have also streamlined our Services so that you can choose the service level you really need and the specialist Division to deliver the service, whether it be recruitment, consulting, training, contractor management or assessment services.  For a list of our Divisions and their specialisations read more....

At Alpha Recruitment we offer you these core services:

Temporary Staffing

We’ve been in the Auckland market since 1988 and have one of the largest temporary staffing pools in Auckland and a well established temporary staffing pool in Wellington.

Alpha Temps work for our clients, but they are our employees. So as a client you authorise their hours, pay us at a rate we agree, and we take care of all the employee obligations required.  We look after them with industry leading standards of care through our Care@Alpha programme, which is a key factor in why so many of our temporary staff keep working for our clients year after year.  As a client who is interested in Alpha filling a role with one of our brilliant Alpha Temps you can be assured that:


  • All our temps have been carefully screened, interviewed, skills tested, reference checked and assessed by our experienced team of consultants before being placed in any assignment.  If you need additional assessment or screening let us know, it's very likely that we are already doing that for one of our other wonderful clients
  • We provide guarantees to support our service and while it is very rare, sometimes the Temp has to come out and a replacement found.  You wouldn't expect to have any hassles with this, and you won't
  • We will get someone to you quickly, and can provide them for a few days, weeks, months or even a year
  • And, we look after our Temporary staff so we can attract and retain the best temps in the market

Permanent Staffing

We get to know our clients by meeting with them to understand their business and their recruitment needs. We’ve developed long term relationships with our clients, based on trust and respect, and work with some of the largest companies in NZ.

For most of our clients we offer a *bundled service model, or we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

Our services include:

  • Database search and selection
  • Advertising – copy writing, placement in selected job board and social media
  • Candidate Screening
  • Candidate Interviewing
  • Shortlisting
  • Skill Testing
  • Psychological testing
  • Reference checking
  • Candidate Assessment reporting
  • Job Profiling/Analysis
  • In house and Onsite recruitment interviewing
  • Bulk Recruitment
  • Executive Search
  • We provide up to date information on salary levels, candidate availability and market status.

*Our bundled service includes database searching for candidates, preparation of advertising on a variety of job boards and social media, screening of candidates, skills testing, reference checking, candidate assessment reporting.


[ In association with our other specialist brands, Triangle Recruitment, FreightWise, Healthwise and Project Plus, we can provide the solution to all of your recruiting needs.

  • Guarantees – we provide guarantees on our bundled service.
  • We value the clients we work with and do not recruit from our client base. ]

Contractor Resourcing

New Zealand’s economic conditions have changed considerably over the last decade and this has enabled us to develop an extensive database of experienced and effective business change consultants, contractors and IT specialists who have considerable project, management and IT expertise in private and public sector roles.

Our IT Contracting capability is continually strengthening and the most recent roles we have filled include solutions architects, senior Java developers and BI specialists, amongst others. 

We are committed to building long term relationships with both clients and candidates at all levels including Executive and Executive Support staff alike, through regular contact and updates along with understanding their needs, objectives and goals.


We recruit contractors in the following positions:

  • Accounting - Accountants, Assistant Accountants, Credit Control Managers, Payroll Managers, Administration Managers, Business Analysts.
  • Business Change - Interim CEO's, Project Managers, Change Managers, Communications Specialists, Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing Consultants, Project Coordinators, Policy Advisors.
  • Human Resources - HR Managers, Advisors, Training and Development Managers, Consultants.
  • IT - Project Managers, Senior Developers, Solutions Architects, Business Analysts, Test Managers and Analysts, Report Writers

virtual Internal Recruitment (vIR)

Our virtual Internal Recruitment service is ideal for small to medium organisations who know that they have a problem with recruiting the right people at the right time, and at rates which don't break the bank.  We developed this service originally for the Public Sector and the process is based on the activities common with internal recruitment teams in this sector however we have a growing list of clients who are interested in Alpha working in an exclusive relationship for mutual benefit.  This service includes:

  • Building relationships with hiring managers
  • An online job management tool that supports managers adding their own roles and getting in-house approval
  • Multi-channel sourcing using all our current online tools and referral networks
  • Assessment and verification activities
  • Screening and selection for short list to send to hiring managers
  • Managing candidates
  • Banking Talent

In fact everything you would expect an internal recruitment team to do except that we would not have someone permanently on your site and it's likely that more than one specialist recruiter will be involved in finding just the right person for you.

Testing and Assessment

Sometimes you know the person that you want to hire, and the interview has gone really well, but you're just not sure how you are going to go about assessing whether they have the skills and underlying personality that will allow them to succeed in your business.  We can help you.

We can help you, and if you are already a client of Alpha, we are very competitive.  We use two major suites of testing and assessment tools covering everything from Microsoft Productivity Suite, through IT skills testing to Personality and Reasoning profiles.

Talk to one of our consultants in Auckland or Wellington about how we can assist you bring on board the talent that you need.

Employer Brand Enhancement

Great talent has always had a lot of options in terms of the companies that they could work for.  In a highly competitive world those organisations who take the trouble to stand out from the crowd with a compelling employment brand are always going to be one step ahead of companies who believe how they are perceived by the market doesn't matter.

So how do you attract the smart Talent in the market to your employment brand, and then convince them to take your offer?

We talk to a lot of people about the companies that they would like to work for and this gives us a great deal of insight into the way that prospective employers go to market.  Some organisations do a brilliant job of integrating their on-line messaging and back this with impressive physical premises and personalities, others do well online but fail to Wow prospective employees when they turn up to meet the people who currently work there. 

Your current employees are your brand advocates in the market and we know how important to the hiring decision they are, whether they are talking about the company in social situations or interacting with the employees of supplier or client organisations.  We know how important positive, truthful messaging to your employees is.

We can assist you with all of your messaging, both online and physical and help you put the perception of reality, and the reality together.

Market Mapping & Talent Banking

Finding great talent can't be left to chance.  While there will always be a place for advertising and referral based search, we know that great talent is almost always head down working hard for someone else. Sometimes very good candidates put their heads up for a look around the market and there is nothing right now for them.  This doesn't mean that we ignore them, we have to look at where they might want to work in future and discuss options.  We also know that great talent has a good idea of their worth and clients can't afford to have two go-rounds with these candidates.

Here are two techniques that we use to understand where talent currently is, where they might want to go next, and how to keep such talent interested in working for you as one of our clients.

Market Mapping

Market, or talent, mapping is not new, but it is very effective for specialist roles.  Search firms have been doing just this for a very long time, but changes in technology have made it possible for professional recruiters like Alpha to undertake the same activities in a cost effective manner.  This includes proactively looking at where high performers have come from, who they are working for, what the mid, upper and lower ranges for the market are, and what direction is the market going in.  If you engage us in completing a market mapping exercise for your organisation we will spend time with you understanding why this is important to your organisation, determining the parameters, undertaking the planning and the explaining the sampling techniques we are going to use.  Then we go do it using our own connections and tools.  Your market map forms part of the competitive intelligence that you have about what is happening in the market and we are always looking for competitive insights that will enhance the market performance of our clients.

Talent Banking

Creation of a talent bank is a core skill for any professional recruitment company and vital for fast response teams like Alpha, especially for temporary or contractor roles, where we are the organisation managing the temporary or contractor. This is also a service we can offer to our clients for permanent recruitment. In establishing a Talent bank for you we would use our connections to our candidates to understand where they would like to work, who for, and why they might be a good option to "bank" against a your organisation for future roles.  Our technology allows us to setup a unique Talent Bank for your organisation and then refresh and monitor activity into and out of the bank.  This technique is excellent for the meeting known future demand such as a development project requiring a number of developers and testers, or for assessment centre style of recruiting where there may be weeks or even months prior to another assessment centre kicking off. Candidates can remain in the bank for extended periods, especially if they are in no hurry to leave their current roles, but the Talent Bank is dynamic and frequently refreshed.


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