Interview Advice

Our Interview Coaching Tips videos are based on what candidates have told us they have the most difficulty dealing with at interviews.  We can show you how to answer those difficult questions, or talk about money.


1. Answering Questions

Learn how to answer those tricky questions and turn your lack of experience into a positive.  Understand how to respond to situational or behavioural based interview questions and give the information that will win you the job.

2. Asking Questions?

Learn how to get all the information you need to decide if the role is right for you. Learn the secret successful job hunters know and this will be your last job interview.

3. Passing the Ball

Stop your mind going blank at interviews and learn how to present yourself at your best. Best interview coaching tip for those who would like to learn how to relax and enjoy the interview

4. Prior Preperation

Learn the difference between the Job description and Employee Description and how to impress the interviewer with examples of your experience. Learn a simple trick to think positively before the interview and make a great impression

5. Talking About Money

Lots of people find it hard to talk about money so this video will teach you a simple technique that will enable you to take charge and feel confident negotiating salary and benefits.

6. How to deal with Panel Interviews

We’ll give you some tips that will stop you feeling intimidated and turn you into a star! Learn the importance of knowing about the people interviewing you.

7. Talking About My Strengths

Modesty won’t get you the job so we’ll teach you how to talk about yourself with confidence and humility. Learn how to tell the Interviewer why you’re the best person for the job.

8. How To Resign

We’ll show you why it’s crucial you act with respect and dignity, irrespective of your reason for leaving, and you’ll learn what to do if you get a counter offer.