Payment Services

Alpha Payment Services are ideally suited to the Contractor who is self employed, or has their own limited liability company, and wants to:

  • Be paid on time according to a published schedule, rather than when the Client pays
  • Have the hassles taken out of paying their tax as they go

There are three levels of service:

Basic - If you opt for this level of service we will:

  • Pay you on time every month according to a published Schedule
  • Make tax payments on your behalf within IRD timelines
  • Pay your Kiwisaver if you are opted-in
  • Pay your ACC liabilities
  • Provide you with a complete payments slip  and access to online supporting documents (i.e. timesheets) for your records
  • Provide you with Health and Safety incident reporting and compliance

EasyExpense - Everything that Basic does, plus we:

  • Meet with you to work out your expenses and what is reasonably deductible
  • Setup the depreciation deductions for any assets that are purely business related
  • Make sure that your expenses and depreciation are deducted before tax every pay

TotalTax - Everything that EasyExpense does, plus filing your annual return for your contracted services

The costs for the above services do vary according to the type of work that you are engaged in and the remaining period available to meet IRD timelines when you join. Some exclusions also apply, especially if you are, or will be, contracting in "high risk" hazard environments, so we encourage you to talk to one of our consultants about what level of service is right for you, and what costs will be associated with that level.

And you can add Insurance Plus at any level.  This provides Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance cover for you through Alpha, and is very competitively priced.  Again some exclusions apply depending on the type of work you are doing and the environment you are doing this work within. You do not need to take Alpha's cover if you already have your own.


The Process

On-boarding with Alpha is very easy.  You can call to talk to one of our consultants and we will explain the services to you. Then, if all you need is the basic service, you can complete registration and the subsequent steps of our on-boarding process online. There are forms and there are health and safety requirements that must be met but they aren't onerous. Our online time sheeting system is mobile friendly and our clients generally find it easy to use.  You will be paid according to our published schedule and at the amounts agreed as long as we have the clients approval.