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29 February 2020 Posted in My Story

This month our My Story candidate is our January 'Temp of the Month', Aditya Jagannathan.

1. Tell me a little about where you grew up and what it was like.

I grew up in Bangalore which is one of the biggest cities in India with a great support system in the form of family. We still are a joint family where uncles, aunties and cousins live together. Education is deemed to be very crucial from where I come from and my father always wanted me to be the best at what I will be doing. With the great support system also came in a pressure to do well always.


2. Why did you choose the career you have worked in?

Sales is such a great area to learn. I have been rejected by thousands of people that it has helped me to not fear rejections anymore.

I actually have a post graduate diploma in business administration and sales is an enormous platform to start off a career with. This experience will help me to scale better heights without the fear of rejection! 


3. What was it about NZ that attracted you?

After my under graduate degree I had an option of going away from home to study and work.

Many people are so sceptical about New Zealand because it is called as the other side of the world but they're really missing out. New Zealand in a nutshell is such a beautiful, peaceful and calm place with awesome people. I always want to make a better place wherever I go, that is what I want to do in New Zealand as well. I am here to make a change, a good change.


4. How have you found living and working in NZ?

It has been such a great experience, work always keeps me thinking about what I can do better and I have a post graduate diploma, it cannot get better than this! 


5. Can you tell me a little about your experience with Alpha, and how we have been involved in your journey?

Alpha Recruitment has given me this experience that I would not have gotten anywhere else. Natasha is my point of contact and has been very helpful from the beginning. Natasha has been in contact with me from the past few months in every step that I have taken professionally. I am very grateful to Alpha Recruitment, Natasha and to everyone who has worked behind the scenes to help me achieve "Temp of the month for January". It has been an awesome start to 2020.


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