My Story - Barbora Pasztorova

12 February 2019 Posted in My Story

This month our My Story candidate is our January 'Temp of the Month', Barbora Pasztorova.

1. Tell me a little about where you grew up and what it was like.

I grew up in Prague, Czech Republic (formerly part of Czechoslovakia). Prague is a beautiful historical city in the Central Europe. Growing up, I was a very active sport player, playing volleyball and later football in a second division women’s league (Sparta Prague for the football enthusiasts). After High School graduation at the age of 18, I spent one year in London and then moved to the USA for another 2.5 years.

2. Why did you choose the career you have worked in?

The career probably found me. I worked for ExxonMobil in Prague for 7 years on various positions from Accounts Payables, HR to Supply Chain. I found Supply Chain the most interesting since it offers wide range of opportunities and you can get out from the office to see some interesting places. I handled the inventory counts in Angola and spent several weeks in Kwanda Base, Soyo with a local team. We even had to fly on a helicopter from the capital city Luanda to the Base. I was also part of Exxon’s Emergency Response Team for oil spill disasters and we did some amazing training in Malta where even the local government was involved in an oil spill simulation incident. Since July 2018 I am based in Auckland City Hospital and I get to help to supply the lifesaving materials. I am now looking forward to where my future assignment will take me.

3. What was it about NZ that attracted you?

It was the nature, distance and fewer people. You always hear great things about New Zealand. I travel a lot but I have never been to this part of the world before so it was definitely on my list. It took me a few years to get the visa so I am still in a bit of awe to be here.

4. How have you found living and working in NZ?

I am still getting used to the slower pace of life here and a different working attitude. Everything seems to be more rushed in Europe. I like coming home after work having a beach at our doorsteps, it’s perfect.

5. Can you tell me a little about your experience with Alpha, and how we have been involved in your journey?

Being on a short-term work visa, it was very hard to find some decent job. No one really looks at your past work experience unless it is a New Zealand one. Then one day I saw Alpha’s job ad and replied. The hiring process was very quick and professional. I started my current job within a week.



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