My Story - Penina Sega

30 September 2019 Posted in My Story

This month our My Story candidate is our September 'Temp of the Month', Penina Sega.

1. Tell me a little about where you grew up and what it was like.

I was born and grew up in Apia, Samoa. It was very different to New Zealand. I lived with my parents and family, and we went to our Methodist church every Sunday as well as Sunday school.

2. Why did you choose the career you have worked in?

I love to clean even when I’m not working, so I’ve got lots of experience and was keen to put that to use.

3. What was it about NZ that attracted you?

I wanted to come to NZ to build a better life and better prospects for myself and my children. I have since had three children here in New Zealand.

4. How have you found living and working in NZ?

I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m very happy and love living and working in New Zealand.

5. Can you tell me a little about your experience with Alpha, and how we have been involved in your journey?

Healthwise and Alpha have been a great support. They are a very good recruitment company and provide friendly service all the time.


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