Candidate Resources

It’s important for us that you make the best career choice so we’ve created a series of resources to help you achieve this:

Job Seeker Series:

Are you looking for a career change and seeking new opportunities? The job search process can be a lengthy one and it can often be a case of waiting for the right role to come along, so if you’re looking to make a move, to help you along the way we've put together some useful tips:
  1. Starting your job search »
  2. How to design an eye-catching CV »
  3. The importance of a quality cover letter »
  4. What to do when a recruiter calls you »
  5. How to prepare for your next interview »
  6. Acing your next Zoom interview »
  7. Rejection - what to do if you don’t get the role »


Other Resources:

  • Our Interview Coaching Tips videos are based on what candidates have told us they have the most difficulty dealing with at interviews.  We can show you how to answer those difficult questions, or talk about money. Click here to view all our Interview Tips videos.
  • LinkedIn Profile – Follow our tips to improve your LinkedIn profile and get noticed by a recruiter. 
  • Salary Advice – It’s important to know what your current market salary level is for the roles you are seeking and this link can give you a good idea of what the market is paying. 
  • Skills Testing – want to check out your keyboard speed or test your MS Office skills prior to an interview? Then use these links: Typing Speed / MS Office Testings
  • Psychological Tests – the use of Psychological tests are becoming more prevalent as part of the recruitment and selection tools used by many Human Resource and Talent Management people, click here to get an understanding of what’s involved. 
  • Career Advice – if you’re at that point in your life where you would like help working out what you really want to do this is a site we recommend.


If you have any questions about working in New Zealand take a look at these useful links