Working in New Zealand

Gaining entry into New Zealand

The rules for entry into New Zealand vary depending upon which country you are from, and whether you want to work here or migrate.

Alpha Recruitment is a recruitment company and does not sponsor, or seek sponsors for people wanting to migrate to New Zealand.

Alpha Recruitment does not give any immigration advice to people wishing to migrate to New Zealand.  We have no affiliation to any consultancies and cannot advise which companies to use.


Working in New Zealand

If you are a New Zealand or Australian Resident, or a New Zealand or Australian Citizen you do not need a work permit.

If you are not any of the above you must have a valid work permit.

There are often conditions attached to work permits and Alpha will not propose you for positions that will invalidate your work permit.

For more detail on the rules about working in New Zealand go to

Everyone working in New Zealand must pay tax and have an IRD Tax number. This can be provided by applying to the Inland Revenue Department.

For more information about working and paying tax in New Zealand go to


Our CultureCare Programme

At Alpha we have recognise that there is an increasingly diverse workforce in New Zealand.  Our consultants, support staff and our temps come from all corners of the earth.  As part of our CultureCare programme we are creating a series of videos that we hope will assist people new to New Zealand to gain some understanding of our culture and the first of these is Understanding Us.

At the same time we are aware that many New Zealanders are only partly aware of other cultures and the behaviours that we take for granted are not necessarily obvious to new arrivals. We have created the following video to assist in explaining cultural differences and promoting great relationships to our fellow New Zealanders.

The information on this page is current at this time. Alpha Recruitment provides this information purely to assist you in understanding the New Zealand working environment and takes no responsibility for either the veracity of the information, or for the trustworthiness of the links we have provided.