Tae Whakamua - Reach Forward: Empowering the Next Generation

We're committed to guiding and supporting young people to explore new career opportunities. Our program, Tāe Whakamua - Reach Forward, unites our efforts under a single initiative.

Our focus is on providing clear pathways and targeted support to youth, particularly in communities where such resources are scarce. Through partnerships with schools, universities, and employers, we're paving the way for success for Māori and Pasifika youth.

This includes engaging school outreach initiatives, offering valuable scholarships, providing personalised mentoring, and facilitating enriching internship experiences. Committed to a comprehensive support system, we aim to empower young minds to excel in their chosen fields by offering diverse opportunities

Tae Whakamua – Reach Forward brings people together to make a difference in one person’s life

Many Māori and Pasifika youth in New Zealand miss out on STEM and other specialised career pathways. To address this gap, Alpha, in collaboration with partner organisations, proudly introduces Tāe Whakamua – Reach Forward.

Tāe Whakamua – Reach Forward is a comprehensive program designed to support these talented individuals. Through scholarships, mentoring, internship opportunities, and school outreach programs, we aim to equip Māori and Pasifika youth for success in diverse fields, including STEM, government policy, and various medical roles such as nursing and becoming doctors.

Our initiative provides a clear framework and diverse pathways, ensuring that students from these communities have the tools they need to excel in their professional journeys.

Tae Whakamua operates on the following principles

  • Empowering Career Exploration: We are dedicated to encouraging Māori and Pasifika students to explore professional careers in diverse sectors such as STEM, government policy, and various medical roles such as nursing and becoming doctors.

  • Community Outreach: Our outreach efforts include visits to partnered educational institutions, presentations at schools by partner organisations, and inspiring talks by graduate participants at secondary schools.

  • Scholarship Selection Process: Students eligible for scholarship support are selected by their educational institution based on criteria agreed upon with our program, ensuring fairness and transparency.

  • Comprehensive Support for Students: We provide ongoing support to scholarship recipients throughout their study journey, ensuring they have the assistance they need to succeed. Whether it's academic guidance, career counselling, or personal support, we are committed to empowering students to achieve their goals.

  • Market Insight and Support for Organisations: In addition to supporting students, we also assist organisations with data and market insights to enrich their understanding of industry trends, changes, and opportunities. By providing this support, we aim to foster stronger partnerships and enhance the overall impact of our program.

  • Internship Opportunities: Our recruiters offer paid internships with partner organisations, providing valuable hands-on experience for students.

  • Career Transition Support: Recruiters are committed to helping graduates secure roles with our agency's clients upon completing their studies and internships, ensuring a seamless transition into the workforce.

Who should apply for the Programme:

  • Students enrolled or graduated from a Tertiary course in STEM, Public Policy, or Medical fields.
  • Businesses in the Public and Private sectors interested in presenting to schools.
  • Businesses in the Public and Private sectors interested in offering internships.
  • Secondary schools seeking organisations to present at career days.
  • Secondary schools with students who would benefit from scholarships."

Your organisation's partnership with us not only ensures a secure and locally trained talent pool but also fosters innovation through diverse perspectives and experiences. Additionally, by supporting young individuals who may not otherwise participate, you're not just advancing broader government objectives but also investing in the future resilience and sustainability of your industry.

Furthermore, partnering with us showcases your commitment to corporate social responsibility, enhancing your organisation's reputation and brand value. Our program fosters networking and collaboration with industry leaders, providing opportunities for valuable connections and partnerships. By investing in local talent development, your organisation contributes to the long-term growth and prosperity of New Zealand's economy.

Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about this this program and have a detailed discussion about partnering with Alpha.